Monday, July 31, 2006

Novel, Hackney Road, 15/07/06

Jeez. This is the kind of stuff I read when I've run out of 'serious' stuff such as V for Vendetta and Prey by Michael Crichton. Honestly. Gotta have something to read. Last time this happened the bookshelf in the lounge had got down to that second Bridget Jones novel (already read, quite good) and a load of chick lit that had been given away free with Cosmo – until Cecilia took pity and lent me Straw Dogs.

It was only when I had my nose in it this this morning on the four-tree-six that it ocurred to me this book was a candidate for Eye Found It, having been liberated from a cardboard box on the Hackney Roadwhile looking after Bess for Sam and Kay.

Don't think it's quite a 'Bodice Ripper', but it has got a feisty female protagonist who's cheesed off with her wet husband and falls for a dashing French pirate. I predict they get it on.

Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Guess Watch, Oxford Street, Friday 21st July

Football Segment, Brunswick Park, Tuesday 11th July

King of Hearts, Camberwell Church Street, Tuesday 11th July

Ring, Brunswick Park, Monday 10th July