Thursday, August 10, 2006

Opera Poster, Richmond Road, Putney, 03/08/06

I chanced upon this puppy on the Richmond Road. Someone had left it leaning against a wall. I paused, did some quick mental arithmatic involving distances, modes of transport etc, before thinking "what the hell" and hauling the thing all the way back to my flat in Camberwell.

It's big. A0 or larger, and is a poster for Stravinsky's opera 'The Rake's Progress' at the Teatro Alla Scala in 1979, with sets by David Hockney. It's quite a traditional typographic layout, and there's some tape marks at the top and bottom, but there's something nice about it for all that.

Not sure where it's going to end up hanging, but the roomies quite like it, so maybe the living room, which would be nice as there was a hung jury over my original Andy Warhol Chealsea Girls poster (I think the implicit adult themes would have put Jess off her Crunchy Nut Cornflakes).


Blogger yes said...

randomly came across your blog as i was searching for an original chelsea girls poster! you couldn't be persuaded to part with yours for a sum of cash could you?! if so email me at thanks simon

1:43 PM  

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